Missoula's Southgate Mall will not be having a citywide fireworks display again this year. They didn't have a display last year either. In my neighborhood it seemed like every other house was trying to make up for the fact that the city wasn't having a display. One of my neighbors had a fire in their back yard that almost burned down their shed.

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If you have a pet that gets scared when the fireworks start, now is the time to visit your veterinarian to get tips or the medications your animal may need. It is something that you don't want to put off doing as the holiday gets closer. Veterinarians are going to only get busier as it gets closer to the holiday. Although fireworks are illegal within Missoula city limits, some residents still choose to light them off.

My dog gets extremely scared when fireworks go off. We have tried every trick and suggestion from our vet to help him deal with the anxiety and there is very little that works. We don't live near Missoula's baseball stadium, but when the team has a "fireworks night" after their game, our dog will hear the fireworks long before we do.

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Please take care of your pets as the fireworks season starts. Make sure that your animals have identification with a chip or a collars and tags if they get scared and runaway, you will need to be contacted if your pet is found. This isn't only a busy season for vets it is also a busy season for Missoula Animal Control.

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