When the weather gets warmer and people get outdoors more in Montana, the smell of food cooking on outdoor grills permeates cities and neighborhoods. Summer isn't the only time that foodies grill in Montana, the hardcore enthusiasts grill or smoke all year round. But summer is when you smell it outside even more.

Montana's Best Steakhouses

This being Montana, most of the time you are smelling some kind of meat cooking on a grill or smoking in a smoker. Montanans love a good steak. It is evident by the great steakhouses that we have here.

Here are ten of the best of them:

10 Best Steakhouses in Montana

If you live in Montana, you have to love a good steak dinner now and then. Luckily, here in Montana, we have steakhouses that spread far and wide throughout the state. If you are traveling through Montana or vacationing around the state, give one of these places a try.

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We may need to update this list very soon with the addition of Kampfire Steakhouse on Evaro Hill, outside of Missoula and with the changes coming to the Ekstrom's Stage Station in Rock Creek.

For those that are serious about grilling, smoking or barbecuing, you should check out the new BBQ supply store that just opened in Missoula.

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You would think with the amount of quality meat being grilled in Montana that we would have more than just one city on the list of "2024's Best Cities For Grilling Meat". As it turns out, only one Montana city made the list, according to Lawn Love. Billings, Montana is the only Montana city ranked as one of the best cities for grilling in the country, coming in at 104 on the list. They compared 470 of the biggest cities, that may be one reason why Montana only has one city on the list.

Billings Made the Top 20 For Access to Meat

For this list, Lawn Love looked at "interest in grilling, access to butcheries and home improvement stores, and the average cost of meat." They also looked at 17 metrics and the weather. Weather for grilling in Montana may be one of the reasons why our lone city was so low on the list. The number one city in the U.S. for grilling, according to them, is Melbourne, Florida. Billings highest ranking was for access to meat, coming in at number 15 in the country.


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