It doesn't feel like Spring in Missoula yet, but it will be coming soon. If you are looking for an alternative springtime activity for your kids, now is the time to sign them up to play lacrosse.

Lacrosse Is A Great Sport That Continues To Grow

Lacrosse in Montana has grown a lot over the years. It is a great sport that both boys and girls can play. Right now, at the high school level in Montana, lacrosse is a club sport. That means that the high schools don't field teams, they are independent of the schools. Lacrosse is also one of the only sports that both girls and boys play the game with different rules. The boys play a more physical game and play ten players to a side. The girls don't have physical contact and play twelve players to a side.

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The Sport Is Across The State

Lacrosse is in every major Montana city. For the boys there are two teams in Missoula, Billings, Bozeman and Helena. Great Falls, Kalispell and Butte each have one team. The two Missoula teams are Spartan Lacrosse, made up of kids from Sentinel and Loyola High School and Missoula Wild, made up of Hellgate and Big Sky High School players. This year the Montana High School Lacrosse Association has changed some rules as to how the teams are made up. I spoke with the president of the Spartan Lacrosse club Steve Crass about the changes.

This year the state board, we used to have a boundary document which restricted where the kids can play. That boundary document is no longer in existence. So now any kid in Missoula can play for whichever team they want to.

Now Is The Time To Sign Up

A lot of the kids who play lacrosse play other sports too, hockey, basketball, and football. Lacrosse is also a great sport to play at the collegiate level. Both the University of Montana and Montana State University have lacrosse teams. This year the Spartan Lacrosse boys team is looking to add players, so now would be a perfect time to sign up for a sport that is exciting to watch and fun for the kids to play.

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