There's absolutely no question that Missoula is a bike city.

Missoula has amazing bike shops and organizations dedicated to the fine art of human-powered motion and tons of trails for mountain biking, not to mention miles of trail for road biking. I was riding the trail to the Bitterroot last summer and met a couple on vacation. They were biking their way through Montana. Yellowstone National Park (and Glacier when Going to the Sun Highway is not under construction) both have weeks dedicated to letting bicycles ride through the park. Missoula, if not Montana, is a locus for cycling activity.

I mean, even our coffee shops celebrate bike culture.

Bike Coffee Table in Missoula Montana
Credit: Ashley

So when I saw this new-fangled bicycle circulating on the internet I thought, someone in Missoula HAS to get one of these.

Do you remember any of the times New Belgium Brewing's Tour de Fat came to Missoula? They had a corral of bikes that you could try and some of them were really weird. There was one that was backward. If you turned the handlebars one way, the bike would turn in the opposite direction. They had another with shoes for wheels.

I think this new bike would be totally worthy of the Tour de Fat, and for that matter, totally worthy of Missoula.

Have you seen the bike with SQUARE WHEELS?

Bike with Square Wheels
Credit: The Q via YouTube

The part that nearly broke my brain when I saw this bike was that it's not just for the novelty. This is a bike that actually works. 

You can see in the video that they go to extreme lengths to build the bike and when they ride it, it doesn't look like it would go very fast, but doesn't it look cool?!

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