Montana has a lot of connections with music. There have been songs that have been written about Montana and our towns from some pretty famous artists over the years. There have been songs by Jimmy Buffet, Hank Williams Jr., Marie Osmond, and Jewel, just to name a few.

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There are also some pretty famous musicians that have been born in Montana. One of the most famous is Jeff Ament from the band Pearl Jam. He was born in Havre and raised in Big Sandy, and calls Missoula his home. Pearl Jam will be playing Washington Grizzly Stadium on their current "Dark Matter Tour" on August 22nd.  Another artist from Montana, that is climbing up the charts with his latest song "Savage", is Tim Montana. He and Billy Gibbons, from ZZ Top, have purchased a bar together the Wise River Club, in Montana. There is one story about a music connection to Montana that could have added to our history, but it never happened. 

Geddy Lee, From Rush, Mentions Missoula

Occasionally I read a book. Recently I had the pleasure of reading the memoir of Geddy Lee, singer, keyboardist and bass player from the rock band Rush. It’s called “My Effin Life”. In his book he briefly mentions Missoula. 

It Was Suggested the Band Meet in Missoula

It was after the tragic deaths of drummer Neil Peart's wife and daughter, when Neil set out on what was described as his "Ghost Rider" journey. He rode his motorcycle 55,000 miles as he was healing. Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson, wanted to meet up with him while he was on his journey. Geddy writes “We had joked on the phone about meeting up somewhere along the way like Fargo, Missoula or Pocatello, but his call never came.” 

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Even though it was a quick mention, the fact that Missoula was mentioned at all in Geddy Lee’s biography, is another pretty cool musical connection to Montana. Geddy Lee's story is fascinating. I am usually not one to recommend books, but this is a great read for any music fan. The fact that he mentions Missoula, made the book even more enjoyable for me. 

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