Montana may not be the "luckiest state" when it comes to wining lotteries. According to a report we are actually the "unluckiest" state when it comes to winning lotteries. But, Montanans don't let that little fact get us down. When it comes to attitudes, Montana ranks as one of the top states with the "Winningest Attitudes". We are a confident and brave bunch.

Montanans Have Some of The Highest Winning Attitudes

According to, Montana ranks as the number two state with the "Winningest Attitude". We come in right after Alaska, who ranks at number one. Even though Alaska didn't rank the highest in any one particular category, they ranked high enough to come in first over all. Montanans have the attitude to deserve this ranking. The rankings looked at a few different categories.

  • Self- Confidence Level
  • Optimism
  • Motivation
  • Bravery

When it comes to their definition of "bravery" the rankings looked at how "brave" it is for someone with a new business start up in each state. Rounding out the top five in order is Washington, California, and Colorado.

The Bottom Rankings Of The States

Not all states have that "Winning Attitude" according to the report. The bottom five states with the "Least Winning Attitude" are Kansas, Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee, and finally coming in last is West Virginia.

Montanans Don't Let Bad Attitudes Get Us Down

A lot of Montana's attitude is a direct result of where we live. It isn't always easy to live in this state. We can have harsh weather, roads and living conditions, but according to this report we still keep that "Winning Attitude". This is one more reason to appreciate the people and the state we call home.

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