Skateboarding is more popular in Montana than ever before. There has been a small army that have helped to make that happen over the past 20 years. The Montana Skate Park Association, a non-profit organisation, has been able to raise almost $2 million dollars that they have used towards building skateparks in Montana. If you weren't aware, there have been skate parks built in the major cities in Montana, but there have been parks built in smaller communities too, like Wolf Point, Alberton, Browning, Glendive and more.

Montana's First Skateboard Fundraising Events

Montana's very first state-wide fundraising and skateboard challenge is staring this June 21st. I had the privilege of speaking with Andy Kemmis and Chris Bacon, owner of Board of Missoula, from the Montana Skatepark Association about the challenge. I asked them about undertaking something this big. This is what Andy said:

We kind of got to the point where we thought, it's time for us to do some sort of forward facing, people involved, kind of event. We wanted to do some that lit a fire under all the skateboarders in Montana. Not just Missoula, or a city where we are building a park. We wanted to create something that ignited and just kind of got everyone to participate together. So we hatched this plan of a two-part event. One part fundraiser, and one part skate challenge scavenger hunt type thing.

There Will Be Big Cash Prizes Awarded

Their website, Montana Skatepark Association has information and gives you the choice of which events you want to be a part of. There will be cash and merchandise prizes available for both the fundraising challenge and the skateboarding challenge. There will be a grand prize of $1000 awarded for each, with other prizes available too. Some of the skateboard challenges include doing a "kickflip" in ski boots, or grilling a hot dog in the shape of a skateboard.

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What are the Next Skate Projects in Montana

The Montana Skatepark Association continues to expand skateparks in Montana. I asked Chris Bacon about the latest projects underway in the state. This is what he said:

We've been averaging four every year. Whether it's an expansion or a new park. So this year Whitefish is just about to start an expansion. Troy is being expanded on right now. I believe Clinton is expected to start this year as well.

Skating in Montana Hasn't Always Been Easy

Andy Kemmis confirmed that Clinton, Montana will start construction on their skatepark this August. Skateboarding has been something that has been important to me for over forty years. It hasn't always been easy to skateboard in Montana, a long time ago we had to do it ourselves.

Skateboarding is not a Crime

Skateboarders are part of a community. There are so many benefits to skating. It gives kids a chance to meet new friends. Skating helps cut down on screen time. It encourages exercise and learning a new trick gives skaters something to strive for. The Montana Skatepark Association has accomplished a lot over the past two decades. Let's see what more we can accomplish when all of Montana gets involved.

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