The holiday season around my house revolves around food. Starting at Thanksgiving and going all the way until New Year's Day, including football games and gatherings. Almost every event that we plan there is great food involved and a lot of it. Whether we're cooking, or baking treats. Everything from the appetizers, to the desserts. The food is a focus.

Baking Cookies For Gifts

One of my passions around the holidays that I inherited from my mother is baking. I enjoy baking cookies for the holidays. I give cookies to my neighbors, friends, even my postal worker. Thank you for your service Mark. He can legally accept those as a gift.

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Montana's Most Googled Cookie

Every year I also try and make a new type or flavor of cookie. This year's new cookie was a red velvet cookie that had a Hershey kiss on top of it. I am going to have to work on that one. When I am planning out what new cookie I am going to make, I do my research. So I turn to Google to find new cookie recipes. For Montana the most searched cookie recipe is for "Chocolate Crinkle Cookies" according to and Google. They are a chocolate fudgy cookie that is rolled in powdered sugar before being baked. This is a cookie I have never made before.

I Bake Most of Our Neighbors Cookies

Because these cookies are the most Googled doesn't necessarily mean they are the most popular. One of my favorite cookies that I make every year is the one that Idaho Googles the most, the old "Candy Cane Cookie". Another cookie that I have made in the past is the "Italian Christmas Cookie" that has been the most searched by Wyoming. I also make "Spritz Cookies" every year that are searched by South Dakota. I haven't made "Peanut Butter Blossoms" in a long time that show up in North Dakota's searches.

I still have some time left before the holiday, so maybe I will be able to try my hand at some "Chocolate Crinkle Cookies" before the next holiday.

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