The definition of "Bougie":

Marked by a concern for wealth, possessions, and respectability.- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This term was new to me, until recently, being from Montana, I never knew it was even a thing. There was a study based on the most Google searches for designer brands by SD Bullion. The study ranked the "Most Bougie State in America".  The top rankings didn't surprise me that much. Coming in at number one was New York. That makes sense since it is the fashion capital of the country. Coming in at number two was California, followed by Hawaii and New Jersey.

Montana is not a "Bougie" State

The least "Bougie" states were Alaska, North Dakota and Maine. There is more to the survey and this is where Montana comes in. When it comes to Montana's interest in "dupes" we make the top five in the nation. A "dupe" is a counterfeit or "knock-off" designer product.

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Montana Doesn't Mind "Dupes"

According to the report Montanans don't care too much about having "authentic" name brands, when it comes designer clothing. Neither to some of our neighbors. The state that searches for "dupes" the most is West Virginia. Followed by Wyoming, Kentucky, South Dakota and Montana.

Montana Doesn't Need the Name Brands

Montanans are a thrifty bunch, we kind of have to be these days with the cost of living. According to this report, we don't care too much about making sure the name brands on our designer clothes are authentic. I know that I couldn't tell the difference between an authentic Louis Vitton bag and a knock off. Recently an article about an "influencer" moved to Montana from New York City was published, and one of her complaints was not being able to wear her designer clothes in Montana.

Montana is More Function Than Fashion

Here in Montana we are almost always "function over fashion", out of necessity. When a new purse can cost as much as a used pickup, it just isn't worth it for a lot of us. Out of the many polls, studies and rankings where Montana is involved, this is one that I think most of us can wear as a badge of honor.

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