Not everyone is on video screens these days. Some people still get together to play board and card games. There is a pretty big community of the game Cribbage in Missoula. I have relatives that are very interested in all kinds of board and card games. They have helped to design games and have collected board games from across the globe. Whenever they come to Missoula we try to make an effort to visit Retrofix, and Muse Comics & Games. They can usually find a game they haven't played and I am always learning about new games and what people are playing these days. Not all board games are designed for kids.

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Will Montanans Play This Board Game

Recently a sponsored add showed up on my social media feed for a board game called "Fire Tower" from Runaway Parade Games. The game's premise is to protect your fire tower from fire, wind and other players. The goal is "to be the last one standing and burn down the other towers".  If the fire ever hits the top of your tower "you'll be burned to a crisp".




Fire Tower Game Designers Are From The East Coast

According to Runaway Parade Games, Fire Tower was designed by Samuel Bryant and Gwen Ruelle who are based in Brooklyn N.Y. and Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. I was curious about the inspiration of Fire Tower. I reached out to the designers of the game via email and here was their response:

Sam (one of the designers and co-owner of Runaway Parade) is the grandson of a fire tower operator. We did a lot of research on wildfires and firefighting techniques as we made the game and have since talked to a ton of wildland firefighters to make sure the realistic parts of the game are accurate (obviously the theme itself is set in a fantasy world). As a player, you play as a firefighter, fighting back the flames in your area, and also as nature, where natural events and wind spread the flames. We wanted to make a game that used elements of coops (fighting against the game itself), but made the players themselves the forces of nature.

Montana's Fire Season is Not Over, Yet

Montana's fire season is not over yet. Not until we can get a season ending event, until then be aware of Montana's current fire danger and warnings and stay safe.

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