A recent study on car accidents shows that one dangerous habit is pervasive in Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota, and it can be fatal.

Car accidents can be traumatic, even when they aren't deadly. If you've ever been rear-ended, you might feel a wave of anxiety if you see a car coming to a stop behind you. While poor driving habits in Montana are often an activity that people poke fun at, there are very real repercussions when people don't drive safely.

Study on Fatal Car Crashes

A new study from the Zinda Law Group analyzed fatal car crashes across the country and compared that with the number of fatal car crashes caused by mobile phones. Data was compared from 2017-2021 and was used to create a nationwide ranking of states with the highest rate of crashes where mobile phone use was a factor.

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The Results of the Study

Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota all are ranked in the top 10 for fatal crashes caused by mobile phones.

Canva/Zinda Law Group
Canva/Zinda Law Group

The percentage of crashes may seem low, but these are fatal crashes as a result of preventable causes. There may be more that could be done to prevent crashes like these.

Montana Still Doesn't Have a Distracted Driving Law

Montana is one of only two states that doesn't have a distracted driving law. This could certainly help prevent the use of mobile phones on Montana roads. However, there are city ordinances that limit distracted driving, depending on where you live.

Please don't text and drive.

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