With summer coming to an end, many of us aren't spending as much time on the road. Trips to Montana's lakes are becoming fewer, as are road trips.

But think back to the driving that you did this summer. Did your windshield seem cleaner? Did you see fewer bugs squished on your windows?

A New Study Shares Concerning Data About Bugs

An article on iflscience.com highlights a new study about how many bugs are hitting windshields.

A survey by Kent Wildlife Trust in the UK found that 50 percent fewer insects were splattered on car windshields compared to 15 years ago.

That's a lot fewer bugs.

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And if you're wondering if this could be because of some other factor, like the fact that newer cars are shaped differently, it's not. From the article:

...[researchers] actively recruited classic car owners to take part in the survey. However, even while accounting for this, a significant decline in insects was evident.

Montana Is Home to Important Insect Species

It's becoming common knowledge that pollinator species are declining. As with many places, Montana has a specific ecosystem that supports unique habitats and pollinator species. The Missoula phlox, for example, is endemic to Montana and supports nine different animal species, according to the Montana Field Guide. Missoula is also home to 230 species of bees, all native to Missoula.

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How You Can Help

Consider planting native plants in your yard, if you have one, or in pots. Visit the National Wildlife Federation website for ideas about how you can help the declining bug population.

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