Montana's weather has been a hot topic lately. The lack of snow that we have seen across the state has affected the mountains and ski resorts. This late in the season there are some ski areas that still aren't fully operational. This doesn't happen here that often. There is one ski area that is offering skiing to people who have season passes to other resorts. Showdown outside of Great Falls, Montana is stepping up and offering skiing to others.

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A Lot of Montana Saw a "Green Christmas"

Around Montana there were a lot of places that saw a "Green Christmas". In order for a place to have a "White Christmas" there needed to be at least one inch of snow on the ground. That wasn't the case in a lot of places in Montana. Traditionally Montana is a place you can count on for a "White Christmas", this year not so much. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, there is an old weather folklore saying  "Green Christmas, White Easter". Could we be in for a longer than normal winter and see snow up until Easter?

Credit: Old Farmer's Almanac via Facebook
Credit: Old Farmer's Almanac via Facebook

Will Montana See a "White Easter"?

We have snow in the forecast for parts of Montana in the upcoming weeks. That is good news for skiers and snowboarders alike. As we patiently wait to see what the rest of the winter has in store for Montana as far as the weather goes. For those keeping track Easter falls on March 31st 2024 this year. There has been many cases where Montana has gotten snow through the entire month of March. Will we see a "White Easter" this year? Only time tell.

Montana's Top 10 Record-Setting Wild Weather Events

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