The heat is coming and with that, there is a need for people to cool down. Heading to some water is one of the best ways to cool down. Montana's rivers and lakes are going to see a lot of activity as the temperatures rise. With more people on the water, the more rules and politeness become more important. If you are lucky enough to have a boat, you should know the rules and etiquette.

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Not everyone can afford a boat, for some just an inner tube is enough to get some relief from the heat. If you are planning on doing  a river float these days, there are few things to keep in mind.

Safety- The top of any list should be being safe. Be aware of how fast and high the rivers are running. If you are using a paddleboard to float, you will need a life jacket.

Parking- Floating a river normally takes two vehicles if there isn't a shuttle service available. Obey parking laws in your area. Getting off the river and finding out your vehicle has been towed is a huge bummer. If parking is crowded, be aware of how you park. Make sure other cars can get in and out of the parking area. It may be tight, but the less space between cars, the more people can park legally.

Pack In and Pack Out- It should go without saying that littering and throwing garbage or cans in Montana waters should never happen. Yet it still does. Stop doing that.

Drinking on the River- Be aware of the laws and rules regarding alcohol on Montana's waters.

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Be Polite-  You will run into all kinds of people while floating on Montana's rivers. Locals and visitors both share the water. When you are on the river it doesn't matter where people are from, be polite. If someone needs some help, lend them a hand.

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The rivers and lakes are going to be very crowded for the next few weeks. If we can all work together, it can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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