You can't drive down a Montana highway or road without seeing at least one pickup truck. Montana has the second most trucks per-capita than any other state. Talking to truck owners over the years, there has been a loyalty to certain brands of trucks. I can't tell you how many bumper stickers I have seen on vehicles that are critical of other brands. Does anyone remember the counterfeit "Calvin" stickers that portrayed the comic strip character urinating on another vehicles symbol?

Vehicle Brand Loyalty May Be On the Decline

The days of brand loyalty, when it comes to vehicles, may be in the rear view mirror. According to a new study from, brand loyalty among vehicle owners is on the decline. The reason given was the "chip shortage", the shortage of the computer chips needed for vehicles. Drivers found themselves trying out competing vehicles when their regular brand vehicles weren't available.

Montana Bumper Stickers

Before we get to the most loyal brands, check out these "Montana Bumper Stickers"

11 Montana Bumper Stickers You'll Want to Put on Your Car

There are still people that are loyal to their brands, but the numbers seem to be falling. Here are the most loyal brands in vehicles according to J.D. Powers as reported by

Truck Loyalty

  1. Ford has a 64.6% loyalty rate
  2. Toyota has a 60.4% loyalty rate

SUV Loyalty

  1. Subaru has a 61.1% loyalty rate
  2. Toyota has a 60.5% loyalty rate

Mainstream Vehicles

  1. Toyota has a 60% loyalty rate
  2. Honda has a 55% loyalty rate

Montana's Passion For Trucks Isn't Declining

Montanans have a passion and a need for trucks. Another popular vehicle in Montana are Subarus. The popularity of vehicles in Montana could possibly be connected to the need to have vehicles that can get across this state in all kinds of weather and road conditions. Montana's loyalty may be based more on necessity or popularity. I haven't noticed too many of the "Calvin" bumper stickers lately.

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