It's official the best places to spot UFOs in the country are in the West. According to a study from geographers out of the University of Utah, the "American West" offers the optimum places for UFO sightings.


For the record, UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) is no longer the terminology being used. According to NASA they are now referred to as UAP which stands for "unidentified anomalous phenomena". The report from the University of Utah points to the House Oversight Committee Hearings from July of 2023 and the testimony of retired commander in the U.S. Navy David Fravor for brining UAPs to mainstream attention.

Montana and Utah Both Have "Hot Spots"

The study looks to "attempts to understand if local environmental factors increase or decrease the number of sighting reports." Understanding the "environmental factors" can explain more about sightings of UAPs. The researches studied places with very few sightings called "cold spots" and places with high sightings as "hot spots". See the map below:

Utah and Montana UAP Hot Spots
Credit: Medina, Brewer & Kirkpatrick. Sci Rep (2023 - CC BY 4.0 DEED)

Montana Has A Few "Dark Sky" Locations

According the the geographers there are more sightings in the west due to the region's "physical geography—lots of wide-open spaces and dark skies". This information makes Montana one of the ideal spots in the west for UAP spotting.

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Keep Your Eyes to the Montana Skies

From Montana when you look in the right place in the night sky you can see the International Space Station orbiting overhead with just your naked eye. If you want to report a UAP or a UFO you can do that here. Keep your eyes to those dark Montana skies, you never know what you may see.

Medina, Brewer & Kirkpatrick. Sci Rep (2023 - CC BY 4.0 DEED – no changes made)

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