Montana has some pretty amazing towns. If you ever travel around the state you will be exposed to some breathtaking views and some pretty awesome people. Whenever Montana makes a list of the "Best of..." anything, I get mixed emotions. On one hand, I have pride in our state. On the other hand, letting the entire world know about how awesome we are will bring more people. We have already seen a substantial increase in Montana population over the past few years.

Two Montana Small Towns Made the List

You can add two Montana "towns" to another list of the best. Far and Wide, a "travel ideas and inspiration" website is reporting about the "100 Best U.S. Towns in  America with Fewer Than 10,000 Residents". Each town has their reasons for making this list and Montana's two "towns" are no exception.

One Montana Town is on a Lake

Coming it at number 94 out of the top 100 is Whitefish, Montana. There are a lot of reasons that Whitefish is a special place. Far and Wide highlight it's proximity to Glacier National Park and Whitefish Lake. According to them:

Though it’s mostly known for its world-class skiing, there are also plenty of other attractions, including microbreweries, lake paddling, fine-dining and hiking. Of course, spending a day at the shore of the lake with a picnic and a book is a must-do when the weather allows for it.

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Is the Second Small Montana Town, Actually a Town at All?

The only other small Montana town to make the list, coming in at number 42, is Big Sky, Montana. Some would argue that Big Sky, isn't a town. It isn't incorporated and has no town government, but according to Far and Wide it made the list. Here is some of why Big Sky made their list:

Big Sky is big in many ways. For starters, it literally has a big sky, as the relatively low light pollution makes for incredible star-gazing opportunities. It also boasts big opportunities for skiing, with four mountains of downhill and nordic trails.

Montana has it's share of small towns that don't get the recognition they deserve. That may be a good thing. I would prefer to have people discover Montana's greatness on their own.

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