Now is the time that many are finalizing travel plans for the holidays. With Thanksgiving only 7 weeks away, if you haven't started making travel plans, you may want to keep a few things in mind. While there are certain dates that are best when traveling before and after a holiday, this year, you may need to add an extra day or two to your travel plans.

Waiting at the Airport

Delays and Cancellations

Lately, it seems that flight delays and cancellations are becoming a more regular occurrence. Recently, flights were delayed and canceled due to tropical storm Ophelia, and flights were canceled at Gatwick airport, according to The Independent, after air traffic controllers got COVID.

Driving in Winter

Will the Weather Impact Thanksgiving Travel in Montana?

Even if you aren't flying anywhere, inclement weather can significantly impact travel plans. I traveled once across Montana during the holidays and was stuck at a travel plaza for hours because the interstate had closed. When we were able to travel again we were going 25-30mph because it was so icy. A 5-hour drive became a 10-hour drive.

This year, weather predictions suggest that one of the snowiest parts of winter could happen in late November.

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These Are the Recommended Dates for Thanksgiving Travel

Given the challenges, when is the best time to travel around Thanksgiving?

For booking flights, The Vacationer says your best days in 2023 for starting a trip for Thanksgiving are:

  • Monday November 20
  • Tuesday November 21
  • Thursday November 23

For return flights they suggest

  • Friday November 24
  • Monday November 27
  • Tuesday November 28

Again, keep in mind with cancellations and potentially bad weather, if you were thinking of leaving on Tuesday, you might want to try for Monday. And vice versa for the return flight.

And book now, or before Halloween, the Vacationer recommends, for the best deals and selections.

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