Taxes have been on the minds of most Montanans lately. From the increase in property taxes to the quarterly and annual deadlines tax deadlines that fall in the spring, and mixed with inflation or even just housing costs in general, it can all be stressful.

And if you've already filed your taxes you may have found that you won't be getting a refund this year, which is another kind of disappointment.

It can feel like you have to pay for a lot in Montana, but a map shows just how much a Montanan will likely pay in taxes in their lifetime. And it's not as much as you might think, or at least, it's not as much as the rest of the U.S.

The website used data from a variety of sources to look at not only the lifetime amount a person would pay in taxes in every state, but also different kinds of taxes, like tax just on earnings, tax on personal spending like a sales tax, property tax, and the tax paid on cars. In all categories, and overall, Montana pays less than many states.

What a Montanan Will Pay in Average Taxes Over Their Lifetime

Here are the taxes that a Montana may pay according to

Average Tax on Earnings: $223,596 - Ranked #37 in U.S.

Average Tax on Personal Spending: $0 - Ranked #49 in U.S.

Average Tax on Property: $164,652 - Ranked #19 in the U.S.

Average Tax on Cars: $18,581 - Ranked #48 in the U.S.

Average Tax over a Lifetime: $406,829 - Ranked #39 in the U.S.

We've shared before that Montana has some of the lowest taxes in the country, but now we have an idea of how much a Montanan may pay in their lifetime. Was it more or less than you thought?

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