Elon Musk has a vision for space travel to Mars. His vision is that we will be putting people on Mars by 2029. He also thinks there will be one million people on Mars by 2050. This is according to Business Insider. They are also reporting on NASA is looking to pay 4 "astronaut-like" people to live in a Mars simulation for 378 days. The race to Mars is well underway.

Do Montanans Want to Go to Mars?

That got us thinking about who would want to go to Mars, and would anyone from Montana be onboard with heading into space? The thoughts of space travel have appealed to humans for many years. There have been books, movies and songs written about space. It looks like the opportunity for people to head to Mars is finally becoming a reality.

Montana and Star Trek Are Connected

Montana has a connection with futuristic space travel. For those that aren't Star Trek fans, Bozeman, Montana plays a pivotal role in the exploration of space in the future. That is according to the Star Trek universe.

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Surprisingly There are Montanans Who Want to Go to Mars

We were curious if Montanans would like to go to Mars, so we asked. Personally, I am a bit too old to think about heading into space anytime soon. We thought the answers would be an overwhelming "no". Surprisingly, to us, it was about even with the amount of people from Montana who wouldn't mind a trip to Mars. There were also some interesting and amusing answers too.

Chad- Only if I get to drive the buggy when we get there

Shane- Shotgun! (to ride in the buggy)

Terry- One way trip, no shower for at least two years, where’s my ticket?

Terry- I don't even understand Earthlings. Can't imagine having to figure out Martians.

Ryan- Nah, I played a lot of Red Faction in high school. It's all slave labor.

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Interesting Points Made

There were some answers that bring up some good points. Until the planet gets settled, it will be a lot of hard work and manual labor in the beginning. Another valid point brought up was the bidding and building process for spacecraft. Most of the time the investment goes to the lowest cost of manufacturing. This may be one time that you don't want to have something created that is the least expensive.

We Won't Be Going Anytime Soon

We won't be going away to space any time soon, but for those that wouldn't mind the journey, opportunities are becoming available for the right candidates. May the force be with you and may you live long and prosper.

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