Montana will not be in the path of totality of the upcoming eclipse, but we will still have a view of the event. The total solar eclipse will be taking place April 8th 2024. The path of this eclipse will only be partially visible in Montana.

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According to NASA, different parts of Montana will see different percentages of the "maximum" coverage of the eclipse. Here are the percentages that will be seen from Montana cities:

Billings- 44.3% at maximum coverage.

Bozeman- 40.2% at maximum coverage.

Great Falls- 36.3% at maximum coverage.

Missoula- 33.1% at maximum coverage.

Butte- 37.0% at maximum coverage.

Montana 2024 Eclipse Viewing

Driving Tips During the Eclipse from AAA

Even though Montana will not be along the path totality, we will see some of the eclipse. AAA has issued some safety tips while driving during an eclipse that can be used in Montana too.

  • Don't attempt to watch the eclipse while driving.
  • Don't look directly at the eclipse without special purpose filters according to NASA.
  • Watch out for animals on the roadways, nocturnal animals can awaken, and non-nocturnal wildlife can be looking to bed down.
  • Drive defensively, be alert to other drivers who could be distracted by the eclipse.

Use These Tips If you Are Planning on Traveling to Watch the Eclipse

If you are planning on travelling to see more of the totality of the eclipse, keep these travel tips in mind. If you are heading to some of the more populated cities, consider taking public transportation as roads may become clogged and congested with people watching the eclipse.

Where you decide to watch the event, please be safe out there and take the proper precautions to enjoy the event.

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