I am not the type of person who thinks that more regulations are a good thing. I rarely think that we need more rules. When it comes to safety on Montana roads, I think that regulations need to be put into place. Especially when it comes to "self-driving" vehicles.

Automobile Technology Is Advancing Fast

The subject of automobile technology, is fascinating. The advancements in computers, GPS, and the vehicles themselves are pretty amazing. But even with all that technology we still don't have our flying cars, yet. Of course I mostly read about what is happening with automobile technology, since my newest car is over a decade old. When sitting behind the wheel of a new car these days, it may feel like the vehicle can do everything, including driving by itself.

Montana's Lack of Self-Driving Regulations

Montana, along with 14 other states, have yet to enact "Autonomous Enacted Legislation and Executive Orders", regarding these vehicles. According to a report by NBC News, in California a driverless car can't be ticketed. According to the report:

When driverless cars break the rules of the road, there’s not much law enforcement can do. In California, traffic tickets can be written only if there is an actual driver in the car.

The auto industry is saying that self-driving cars need to continue to log driving hours in order to make them safer. There is another story out of Kalamazoo, Michigan that is looking at putting sensors inside reflective road markers to help in making self-driving cars safer for everyone. Will this be something we will see coming to Montana roads.

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Below: Possibly NSFW Language

Right now the technology for self-driving cars exists. Maybe it is time for Montana leaders to take a look at what can be done to help our drives stay safe on our roads.

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