An initiative has been proposed in Montana to get us an "Official State Sport". Once approved by Montana we could get the chance to vote on what sport we would like to see by November of 2024. The group is proposing Rodeo to be Montana's Official State Sport.

Montana Born Pro Athletes

Montana has had some pretty amazing athletes born here and have competed at the highest levels of their sports.

11 Montana Born Professional Athletes

The proposal for the official sport is Rodeo, that is a pretty solid choice. Montana has produced some world class rodeo athletes.

  • Bill Linderman
  • Bud Linderman
  • Shawn Davis
  • Deb Greenough
  • Dan Mortensen
  • Bill Smith
  • Bud Monroe
  • Benny Reynolds
  • Clay Tryan
  • Bill McGuire

This isn't by any means a full list of the all the rodeo world champions that have come from Montana. If Montana doesn't choose to vote rodeo as it's official sport, what other sport should be chosen?

Our Listeners Chimed In On the Official Sport of Montana

We asked our listeners what sport should be the official sport of Montana, and as always you came with the answers. Some agree that rodeo should be our official sport.

  • Jennifer- Rodeo
  • Derek- Steer werestling
  • Dee- Rodeo
  • Hal- Saddle bronc riding
  • Randy- Rodeo or Skijoring. I guess something could be said for fly fishing.

Some of our listeners think that with our mountains and winters it should have something to do with winter activities.

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  • Mark- Skiing/ Snowboarding of course
  • Julie- Skiing
  • Ryan- Hooky-bobbing (the art of being pulled on snow covered roads by a car)

Some understand Montana's wildlife way of life.

  • Kyle- Wolf-trappin'
  • Crystal- Huntiing!

Some just want to enjoy the great outdoors in Montana.

  • Susan- Hiking
  • Celia- Floating the rivers

Some listeners just want to relax and enjoy themselves, remember to enjoy responsibly.

  • Danica- Clearly it's drinking, come on!
  • Jason- Bongathon
  • Elise- Keg Stands

One person likes the high octane.

  • Aaron- Drag racing

Then there are those that have a sense of humor.

  • Ryan- The Bison Throw
  • Leoria-  "Touron Tossing"/  "Whack a Tourist"
  • James- Wrestling Grizzly bears

I think it is time Montana does get an official sport. No matter which sport you think it should be, we may get a chance to vote for a sport soon.

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