Ten years ago there were three young men who were living  with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) created the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" that went viral. Over 17 million people participated in the challenge raising over $115 million dollars for the ALS Foundation that is trying to find a cure for this disease.

New Research Suggests Link Between ALS and Hobbies

According to Michigan Medicine, research of the disease may have found a link between the disease and activities that a lot of Montana men enjoy.

Montana Hobbies That Could Be Linked to ALS

The research is suggesting a link in men that hunt, golf and garden may have a higher risk of developing ALS. Among the activities they found men who golf may have as much as a three times greater risk of developing ALS due to the use of pesticides.

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The research found the link with men, they didn't come to the same conclusion with women. When it comes to women this is what the report says "While these activities may also increase ALS risk in females, the number of females in our study was too small for us to come to that conclusion."

I Learned Long Ago About What Not To Do With a Golf Tee

When I started golfing years ago, some of my golfing partners would put tees in their mouths in between holes. Much later an older golfer told them that the course uses chemicals and pesticides on the course and that putting a tee in their mouth was putting those chemicals directly in their mouths. They never did that again. Washing your golf balls can also help get rid of pesticides and chemicals that courses use.

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The medical professionals in the report do say that it is too early to advise people to stop doing any of these activities, they are going to continue the research.

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