With the amount of people that are moving to Montana, maybe it's a good idea to start letting people know how to actually pronounce some places here in our lovely state. There are many origin's of Montana location pronunciations, that can be difficult for people to pronounce.

Other Montana Towns That Are Mispronounced 

According to 247Wallst.com and their list of  "Most Americans Will Struggle to Pronounce These 50 Town Names". The list includes a Montana town and it was surprising to me. When I think of mispronounced towns, this one wasn't even on my radar.

A Few Montana Towns That People Mispronounce

Here are a few Montana towns that may be difficult to pronounce.

  • Helena- How many times have you heard it pronounced "Hell-Ee-Na"?
  • Havre- Another one, that unless you are from around here, you may not know it is pronounced "Have Err".
  • Ekalaka- Yes, it is "Eeek Uh Lack Uh", not "Eck-uh-Lack-Uh".
  • Pablo- It isn't pronounced like it would be in Spanish "Pa-Blow" it is "Paah-Blow".

When my wife first moved to Montana, I took her through Pablo. I told her how we pronounced it in Montana. She moved from Oregon and she thought that I was teasing her with how we pronounce it. Until she started working there occasionally and then she found out I wasn't kidding.

Surprising Montana Town Made The List

The one Montana place that has made the list of some of the most mispronounced names in the country, is Lindisfarne, Montana. For those that don't know Lindisfarne is located on Flathead Lake. It is pronounced "LIN-dis-FARN". There is also a Lindisfarne located on an island in England.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

It's always easy to tell if someone has just moved here by the way they pronounce certain towns. Now here is another town to test not only people who are new to Montana, but the locals as well.

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