There is one time of the year that I dread approaching. This may sound melodramatic to some, but the thought of "springing my clocks ahead" every year literally gives me anxiety. When we "fall back", I don't get anxiety, even though it takes me longer and longer these days to adjust my sleep schedule.

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The only one in our house who is looking forward to Daylight Saving time and changing the clocks ahead an hour this weekend is our dog. He will get a chance to eat an hour earlier, and for him that will be heaven. For me, on the other hand, it is a weekend that I dread. For the record, it is Daylight Saving, time, not "savings".

Montana's Law Could Stop Changing the Clocks

I made a promise to my spouse this year that I wouldn't complain about Daylight Saving time in front of her. She was thankful for that. She has heard me complain about it since we met. For now, Montana has to change our clocks twice a year. There is a law on the books that could change that in the future. House Bill 254 passed in Montana in 2021. The bill would keep Montana in Daylight Saving time all year round. No more changing the clocks. It is up to other states and the approval of the U.S. Department of Transportation and or Congress to vote to do the same in order for it to take place in Montana.

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A Majority of Montana Wants To Stop Changing Clocks

I was curious if my anxiety and opinion about changing our clocks in Montana was shared by others. We asked the question on social media, "Should Montana stop changing our clocks twice a year?". Overwhelming the answer was "YES!", by a lot. In this day of seemingly polarizing views on most every topic, it was interesting to see how many people agreed on this topic. The one argument against was making sure we would still have the longer days in the summer. That argument has been dealt with in House Bill 254. If Montana does do away with changing clocks, our time would be called "Mountain Daylight Time" and we would stay in Daylight Saving time all year.

Clock Changes Affect Montanans In Bad Ways

The people have spoken and I am glad that I am in the majority. Time changes have been proven to affect humans in a number of negative ways. There are more work place accidents, car accidents, heart attacks and other issues. There are tips to get ready for the time change. It is recommended that you should start going to sleep earlier in the evenings and waking up a bit earlier starting now and working up to the time change on the weekend. Good luck with that. For me it isn't the Monday or Tuesday following a time change it is the Wednesday and Thursday that the most difficult days to adjust to the time change.

Be safe at work and on our Montana roads next week. I will try to keep my complaints to myself this year. It may be easier than I think, since I will probably be too tired to complain.

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