I think I just discovered a new food I'll be looking forward to during the holidays.

Since joining The Chris and Ashley Show about a year ago, I have on occasion had the extreme pleasure of sampling Chris's baking. For the Super Bowl, he had me choose between two chocolate cupcakes to determine whether the Chiefs or Eagles would win (Not only were the cupcakes divine, but I'm 1-0 for picking Super Bowl Champions). Now that it's the holiday season, he's made me cookies twice that are delicious.

Christmas Cookies The Chris and Ashley Show
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For Chris, baking holiday cookies is something he does every year and looks forward to. I'm not much of a baker, but there are certain foods I look forward to at this time of year.

We put this question out to our audience on social media, "What food do you love to make/eat during the holidays?" and we got some scrupmtious recommendations.

Making Lefse
Photo by Taylor Friehl on Unsplash

Cultural Foods 

"We’re Québécois (French Canadian) in my house so we have a lot of traditional Québécois goodies!" - Elen G.

"Lefse." - Leah G.A.

Cinnamon Rolls
Photo by David Köhler on Unsplash

Sweet Foods

"Spiced apple rings." - Jeff C.

"My kids and husband always want homemade cinnamon rolls." - Serena S.

"I love making Holiday cookies." Mary C.

"'Buckeyes!' Chocolate dipped peanut butter powder sugar balls. They are so delicious and a family tradition & wonderful way to honor moms Ohio family. Always a must make-, every year!" - Jessica F.Z.

Prime Rib and Lobster Tail

Meat and Fish

"We do lobster tails and king crab on Christmas eve.
Other than that I survive on IPA!" - Cliff S.

"That Santa Maria tri-tip from Hamilton Pack is the goto. If it lasts through the night dice it up and run a tritip breaky scramble. Little egg little tater and some cheese.(all on the cast iron of course) Boooooy now you're cooking!" - Tanner W.

"Prime rib roast." - Bunny F. B.

Green Bean Casserole and Stuffing

Casseroles and the Like

"Top Ramen Casserole." - Terry P.

"Green bean casserole!" - Mark J.

"Stuffing!!!!" - Christina M.

What are you eating this holiday season? Send us a message on our app.

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