Dear Montanans who still have your holiday decorations up,

Thank you. Keep up the good work. Your holiday decorations have been up for months now and you don't let a little thing like February get in the way of your merriment.

I wasn't trying to be a "Grinch" when I took down my decorations shortly after the new year began. For me, the time was right to take our decorations down. The weather was perfect and my Christmas tree was pretty much a fire hazard at that point. I need to re-think having a real tree in the future. After taking the tree to get recycled, it was a relief to have it all done for another year.

You don't see it that way. Your decorations have been up through record cold temperatures across the state. Those decorations have also endured warmer temperatures that have been above normal in Montana recently. In some cases Montana was warmer than Florida. That doesn't matter to you, your decorations still remain.

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Montana is slowly gaining daylight as spring starts to approach. Your decorations still light my mornings up when it is dark and foggy. Even a couple months later, they still give me a smile while I am scraping my windshield in the early hours of the morning. We will be turning our clocks forward much sooner than you may be ready for, with Daylight Saving Time on the horizon. Will you keep your decorations up for Valentine's Day? Will your decorations still be up for the time change? Will they turn into St. Patrick's Day decorations?  Only time will tell. In the meantime, you can rest assured there is at least one person out there who appreciates the continuation of the holidays.

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