When it comes to the military and Montana, there is a strong connection. Montana has a very high population of military Veterans. According to the U.S. Census, Montana has one of the higher percentage of populations of Veterans across the nation. The state with the most Veterans is Alaska.

Percentage of Veterans Aged 18 and Over Montana
Credit: U.S. Census

When it comes to the military, being raised in Montana can be an advantage to a successful career.

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There are a lot of different ways to help our Veterans and to say "thank you for your service", in Montana. My family has quite a few Veterans and current active military members. I, myself, served in the military many years ago. There is one simple and inexpensive way that you can show your support for our Veterans, and that is by changing the lightbulb on your porchlight.

Show Your Support of Montana Veterans With a Green Light

According to the "Green Light A Vet" movement, to support a Veteran you can simply put a green lightbulb where it is visible, one of the best places for that would be above a porch. According to the U.S. Army, the reason for the color green is:

"Green is the color of hope, renewal and well-being. "Greenlight" is also a term commonly used to activate forward movement. The simple action of changing one light to green is intended to spark a national conversation regarding the recognition of veterans, and "greenlight" them forward as valued members of our communities."

Show Support For Montana Vets All Year Long

Normally changing the porchlight to a green lightbulb has been something that people have done around Veteran's Day, which is Monday November 11th 2024. The "Green Light A Vet" movement is making people aware that you can show support for Veterans all year round, not just on one or two days a year. Show Montana Veterans your thanks and your support by changing that porchlight to a green lightbulb. When you do, take a picture and post it to social media with the hashtag #greenlightavet to show your support for all they have done for Montana.

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