Cyber attacks happen frequently these days. They can take different forms, from someone sending you an email that looks totally legit, to attacks on a bigger scale. There was a cyber attack on one of the biggest mortgage companies in the United States and it can affect home owners in Montana too.

Montana Mortgage Holders Can Be At Risk

Mr. Cooper, the mortgage company, was the victim of a cyber attack on October 31st. They are the third largest mortgage company in the nation. Mr. Cooper holds mortgages to almost 4 million homes in the U.S. Including homes in Montana. Initially the attack affected customers who were blocked trying to pay there mortgages online. It is being reported that some customers information may have been exposed by the attack.

Montana Customers Data May Have Been Compromised

According to Forbes online, Mr. Cooper has admitted that customers data was exposed during the cyber attack. They said they will cover late fees, penalties and "resolve any negative credit reporting tied to the delay in mortgage payments." They are in the process of sending out notices to the affected customers offering free credit monitoring.

Tips on What to do If You Are a Victim of a Cyber Attack

Forbes also has some tips on what to do if you are a victim of a cyber attack:

  • Keep an eye on your credit report.
  • Monitor your bank accounts.
  • Consider cyber protection software.

Every day in Montana there are more and more people who are falling prey to scams. Whether it be people stealing checks out of your mail, which happened to me, or it is falling for a legit looking email. This time of year you should also be aware of "Porch Pirates" that are preying on unsuspecting victims who are ordering more packages this time of year. Be vigilant and be safe out there Montana.

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