Halloween has come and gone in Montana. Before we move on to the other holidays, let's take a second and appreciate a costume from a young fan of a recent superstar from Montana. It isn't everyday kids dress up as a Montanan for Halloween and get shared by ESPN.

Some Costumes Are Better for Montana Than Others

Growing up in Montana most Halloweens I wore costumes that could handle the weather if need be. Yes I was a pumpkin more than once. It's a great last minute costume, especially if you see snow in the forecast.

Viral Kid Dressed as Famous Montanan

There was one kid who's costume would be tough to pull off in Montana weather, but it didn't matter to him. He dressed as Sean "Sugar" O'Malley. It was a great costume with some keen attention to detail. The pic has also gotten well over 288,000 likes. Not bad for not wearing a shirt.


Sean "Sugar" O'Malley Has Become an International Star

Sean "Sugar" O'Malley was born in Helena, Montana and has become a bona fide star in the UFC. Earlier this year he made the list of ESPN's top 10 Pound for Pound Rankings and was the Bantom Weight Champion of the UFC when he defeated Aljamain Sterling. He has also become an inspiration to other Montana athletes. He was invited to raise the #37 flag this year for the Grizzly Football season kickoff this year.

According to Bloodyelbow.com it doesn't look like Sean O'Malley will be fighting again in 2023, but he may have a fight in the beginning of 2024. They don't have any specific details just yet. Whenever Sean fights again, I have a feeling there are going to be even more people from Montana rooting for him.

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