Montanans are cool. I am a bit biased, because, well I live here, and like to think of myself as "cool". The state is the fourth biggest in the nation, with a population that has ranking of 43rd in the nation on total population, but 48th in population density in the nation, according to Wikipedia. To me Montana if full of cool people and cool places.

Montana Is A Cool State

There are the two National Parks, the lakes, rivers, wildlife, plains and we have a huge border with Canada, how cool is that? Montanans may not have their fingers on the pulse of the fashion world, but what we lack in fashion, we fully make up in function. That's cool.

Montana's 15 Minutes of Fame Is Far From Over

Montana's 15 minutes of fame, in my opinion are far from being over, and one of our cities just made another list. This time it is a list of the "Coolest Small Cities in the U.S." Can you guess which "cool" Montana town made the list?

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Before we get to that, you should check out some of these cool Montana Downtowns:

These Towns Have the Best Downtowns in Montana

Who needs Time Square when you can have mountain views and small-town charm?

Gallery Credit: Ashley

Bozeman, Montana Is One of the Coolest

According to, Bozeman, Montana has made the list of "Coolest Small Cities in the U.S." According to them, Bozeman has "long flown under the radar- but not for long". Montana residents know that Bozeman hasn't flown under the radar for some time. When you have private airplanes from Dubai visiting, they are now fully on the radar.

Thrillist points out some of the highlights of the Bozeman area:

  • Montana State University
  • Museum of the Rockies
  • Bozeman Hot Springs
  • Bridger Bowl
  • Big Sky Resort

I have nothing against any of those things, they do make Bozeman, "cool". If these things make that area more desirable, then so be it. There are still a lot of other "cool" places in the state left for the rest of us.

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