The secret is out, Montana. We've been discovered.

People from all over are moving to the state, and now, some companies too. Just this weekend, an international private jet was seen at the Bozeman airport.

We've also seen the stories about what parts of Montana are growing the fastest. Recently, Bozeman, Montana was named the fastest-growing city in Montana. For Montanans who've watched the state morph into epicenters of activity, this doesn't really come as a surprise.

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Are Other Montana Cities Growing, Too?

It begs the question--will other parts of Montana see growth as more and more people can't afford to live in places like Bozeman and Missoula? It seems likely.

Rather than looking to a national survey, we looked at what's happening in Montana as an indicator of growth. Just looking at the change in listing prices for real estate in Montana towns, you can start to get an idea of the towns that might see incredible growth next. Here are a few examples.

Three Forks, Montana

Looking at a home for sale near a park in Three Forks, presented by Roxanne Kellem of Venture West Realty, the last time it was listed in 2014, the price was $119,000. Now the list price is $399,000. Maybe that represents the expected appreciation, maybe not.

Roxanne Kellem, Venture West Realty
Roxanne Kellem, Venture West Realty,

Another indication of Three Forks' growth could be the brand-new condos with a list price of $500,000. Then, consider some of the things that draw people to the Three Forks area:

  • Rockin the Rivers
  • Headwaters Country Jam
  • Wheat Montana
  • fishing and outdoor activities

Put it all together and it's easy to see that Three Forks might see a lot of growth in the near future.

Lewistown, Montana

Take a look at this beautiful house in Lewiston, Montana listed for $749,000 by Gidget Sannar with High Country Realty Montana. When it was listed in 2010 the price was $325,000.

Gidget Sannar with High Country Realty Montana,
Gidget Sannar with High Country Realty Montana,

Lewistown is also known as "the heart of Montana." With picturesque landscapes and community activities like the Chokecherry Festival, this could be another town that could see growth.

White Sulphur Springs, Montana

I've got a friend who has hunted around White Sulphur Springs for years. He says it used to be a hunting town but now it seems "things have elevated." Looking at the real estate, it also seems to have appreciated.

A house currently listed for $525,000 by Erica Hart with Hart Real Estate Solutions was listed in 2017 for $229,000.

Erica Hart, Hart Real Estate Solutions,
Erica Hart, Hart Real Estate Solutions,

White Sulphur Springs is famous for the Red Ants Pants festival, but even its proximity to Bozeman may be leading to its growth.

What Montana towns do you think will see growth next?

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