The arctic blast of weather that we were expecting earlier this week has arrived and with a vengeance causing traffic issues and closures and cancellations. While there was excitement for the prospect of getting some snow, especially for the ski resorts across the state. The brutal cold has thrown a wrinkle into the prospect of skiing some epic powder at a number of resorts.

Montana Ski Resort Closures

Ski resorts across the state have announced closures for Friday 1/12/24.

With this first initial blast of cold air, many of the resorts have closed just for the day. There are multiple resorts that are planning on opening for operation on Saturday 1/13/24, even with the forecast being just as brutal for the weekend. Make sure to check your local ski area for operating hours over the weekend. If you are planning on skiing or snow boarding take precautions. Wear the appropriate clothing for the elements, make sure to stay hydrated and take breaks to warm up.

Montana Airport Delays and Cancellations

The weather is not only affecting the ski resorts, it has also had an impact on travel plans, with multiple airports reporting flight delays and in some cases cancellations. The delays are for later in the day when it can warm up enough and hopefully the wind will die down enough for safe travel.

There have been multiple reports of businesses across the state that have closed their doors for the day, not just ski resorts. There are also reports of businesses that are closing early today and may stay closed on Saturday. Check with your local stores and shops before you head out.

Some Montana Schools Will Get a Four Day Weekend

There were reports of school closures across Montana too. Monday January 15th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a national holiday, so most schools will be closed for the day. So for those that had school cancellations on Friday, they are in for a four day weekend.

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