Finding a camp site in Montana has become more difficult for the people that live here. We have more people moving and visiting Montana every day. There have been multiple stories about camping in Montana. Including how people have been reserving campsites starting in January, and having the campsites fill fast. There has even been an app created to help find campsites for people hoping to enjoy our state and all it's glory.

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Camping in Montana hasn't been the easiest lately. It is a huge let down to hook up your camper and then drive for hours and hours only to have every campsite you pass be full. Then you have to turn around and drive home. Trying to find a "first come, first served" campsite is not easy.

Montana Lawmakers Listened To the Complaints

Back in March we reported about a proposed bill that could help Montana campers. GOP Representative Steve Gunderson introduced Bill 440 that would regulate Montana's camping laws. The bill's purpose was to put "limits on the number of reserved campsites in state parks", creating a cap for reservations at "no more than 80% of all available campsites" for overnight stays.

Montana House Bill 440 Passed

The bill passed the legislature and reportedly went into effect October 1st, 2023. It had a majority of support. This is good news for Montana residents. Maybe now more locals will be able to get campsites and enjoy Montana's great outdoors not just next year, but for many years to come.

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