We're lucky in Montana to have so many agricultural products that are grown right here in our state. Earlier this week we shared a story of an urban farmer who is expanding her business in order to grow more flowers locally. Well, according to a recent survey, it looks like Montana is being recognized for flowers, specifically one especially beautiful botanical garden.

Personally, this is not something I would have thought our state ever would be recognized for because there are so many places around the country that have a climate more agreeable to growing vibrant or exotic flowers. Even so, Montana has been ranked #1 thanks to one of its botanical gardens.  

Montana's Botanical Gardens

Montana has several botanic or flower gardens that you can visit. For example, the Big Sky Lavender Farms in Florence, the Memorial Rose Garden in Missoula, or the DanWalt Gardens in Billings. And according to hawaiianislands.com, the DanWalt Gardens are the recipients of the very distinguished honor of being named the most beautiful botanic garden in North America.  

Denver Botanic Garden

I'll admit, as a huge fan of flowers, I was a little surprised that Montana had the most beautiful Botanic Garden. A few summers ago, I visited the Denver Botanic Gardens, and I was bowled over by how many gorgeous and interesting flowers they had. 

DanWalt Gardens, Billings Montana

But I'll tell you what, I've also visited the DanWalt Gardens and Billings and I think part of the reason why they are considered the most beautiful botanic garden is because the garden is so intimate. Being that close to nature in such a comfortable setting would certainly draw reviews from visitors saying that it's beautiful.  

The study looked at “reviews count, the number of references to the word ‘beautiful’ and the average number of reviews that either rated it above or below average,” according to Brittany Betts at hawaiianislands.com. “Out of the entire globe, Montana has the highest percentage of reviews that mention the word ‘beautiful.’ 65.8% of their 111 reviews include it, and 95% of those reviews rate it as above average.”  

With over 100 years of history in this garden, it’s a wonderful honor to see a Montana landmark be recognized for its beauty.  

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