The holiday seasons are here, and one of my favorite pastimes around the holidays is baking. I do a lot of baking. My mother passed that trait down to me. I probably go a bit too far with my baking sometimes, but it's because I give a lot of baked goods to my neighbors and friends as gifts. I think it helps them put up with me as a neighbor and friend.

Holiday Baking Shows Are a Treat

One of the things that goes hand in hand with the holiday baking season, for me, is all of the baking shows. There are a lot of them. The Food Network alone has many to choose from. There's the "Holiday Baking Championships", "The Christmas Cookie Challenge", "Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown" and so many more. This year, the Food Network again is hosting their "Holiday Wars" show and it features Montana's own Sara Hemenway.

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Montana's Own Food Network Star

For those that don't know, "Holiday Wars" has teams face off against each other in holiday challenges using bakers, and sugar artisans to make fantastic, holiday inspired baking creations. Sara is part of a three person team called the "Slay Belles". Sara is based out of Lolo, Montana and has appeared on the Food Network before. Last year she was a part of the "Christmas Cookie Challenge".

Cheer On Sara On This Year's "Holiday Wars"

The cooking shows inspire me as a baker. I try to get new ideas, but I have no illusions of giving up my radio career to become a professional baker anytime soon. My baked goods taste good, if I do say so myself, but I lack the artistic ability and patience to make them works of art. In the meantime, I will be tuning into "Holiday Wars" this year to get inspired and to cheer on a fellow baker and Montanan.

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