Montana is known for it's huckleberries, it is our official "state fruit" and you can find it all kinds of products, everything from jams, candies, ice cream and more. Montana doesn't exclusively grow only huckleberries, we have some pretty amazing cherries too that come from the Flathead Valley. If you are over 21 you may want to sample a Flathead Cherry Ale from the Glacier Brewing Company. Please enjoy responsibly.

Montana's Cider Mills

Apples grow plentiful in parts of Montana. There has been an increase in popularity over the years of hard apple ciders. The Montana apple producers have kept up with the demand and more local cider mills have started in the state. If you like a hard cider you can check out these Montana cider makers.

  • Big Mountain Cider Works
  • Western Cider
  • Montana Cider Works
  • Backroad Cider
  • Lockhorn Hard Cider
  • Last Chance Pub and Cider Mill
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Montana's Bitterroot Valley is a big producer of apples. Hamilton, Montana has their yearly Macintosh Apple Day, where hundreds of apple pies are baked over the course of just a few days. It's a great party. You should make plans to attend Macintosh day Saturday October, 7th.

Some of Montana's Orchards

Here's a list of apple orchards that can be found in Montana.

  • Green Bench Orchards, 4701 South Avenue, Missoula
  • Swansons Mountain View Orchards, 1752 Mountain View Orchard Rd, Corvallis
  • Sophie's Farm and Orchard, 69871 Martz Rd, Arlee
  • Getmans' Orchard, 21848 East Lakeshore, Big Fork
  • Frost Top Orchard, 634 Quast Lane, Corvallis
  • Ross Orchard. 111 North Street, Fromberg
  • Boja Farm. 157 Hergenrider Road, Bridger

Fall in Montana is Not Just for Pumpkins

Please support your local growers and farmers. Remember that fall isn't only for pumpkin spice. Grab some apples too.

When is Apple Day in the Bitterroot? When the pies are done!

Behind the scenes in Montana making the best pies under the Big Sky

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