There are lists for everything these days. We have more information at our fingertips than I ever thought possible when I was growing up. It always interests me when Montana makes some of these lists. Every once in while a list comes along that is both entertaining and interesting. This latest list, to me, is both interesting and entertaining.

Animal Lawn Mowing?

Lawn Love has just released their list of 2024 Best States For Animal Lawn Mowing. It took me a second to comprehend what I had read about this list. There are services that hire out their animals to "mow" lawns. In a state like Montana, with the amount of livestock we have and our appreciation of our lawns, it is shocking to me that we are ranked so low on this unique list.

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Montana Should Be Much Higher On This List

Montana comes in at number 47 on the list. We rank behind, Hawaii, Rhode Island, North Dakota and coming in last is the District of Columbia. I am surprised how low North Dakota is on this list too. California is number one, followed by Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Georgia. We should make an effort to get Montana higher on this list.

This is A Business Opportunity For Montana Kids

This is a perfect untapped opportunity for FFA and 4-H kids who are raising sheep or goats to use them for animal lawn mowing. Missoula County allows more types of animals within it's city limits these days, specifically for kids who are part of FFA and 4-H programs. Raising these animals takes time, patience and money. Being able to use the animals to "mow lawns" and possibly earn some money while that happens is a "win-win" situation. It doesn't have to be just for kids either. This could be a way a lot of farmers could make some side money too.

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