Living in Montana in the fall and winter will guarantee one thing, at one time or another you will have to scrape the windows on your vehicle. Even if you have a garage, you eventually will have to go out and maybe deal with a sudden snow storm, or plunging temperatures. Then out comes the scraper.

Scraping Vehicle Windows in Montana Comes With the Territory

For me scraping the windows is an almost daily need for a majority of fall and winter, and sometimes even spring. Getting up before the sun rises, almost all year round, makes scraping a necessity. I keep more than one scraper in my vehicle just for this purpose. If you are a person, like me, who doesn't have a garage I can use, you may have to defrost your windows while you scrape. When defrosting your windows you may be using the "air circulation" button on your temperature controls wrong.

Don't Use This Button in the Winter Montana

According to experts at the "air circulation" button shouldn't be used in your vehicle in the winter. For those that don't know, the button can cut off outside air from getting into the cabin of your vehicle. You would think that would help in the winter, but turns out it actually makes things worse when trying to defrost your windows. This is what can happen when you stop outside air from getting inside your vehicle in the winter:

  • It can cause your windshield to mist up.
  • It can cause the moisture to be trapped inside your car and get on the inside of your windshield.
  • If you have multiple passengers, it can make the inside of your vehicle stuffy and can make the driver drowsy.
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The "air circulation" button should be used in the summer along with the air conditioning. It boosts the power of the air conditioner, but it doesn't help in the winter. It can also be used when stuck in heavy traffic to cut off the exhaust from other vehicles getting into your vehicle.

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