The Southgate Mall fireworks show is cancelled again this year. I reached out to Southgate Mall for confirmation, as of this writing I haven't received a response. According to NBC Montana the fireworks are cancelled this year due to "coordination issues". 

There are Other Options for the 4th of July in Western Montana

With no city-wide fireworks display in Missoula this year, there are plenty of other choices for 4th of July festivities throughout Western Montana. Everything from parades, fireworks and even a Sasquatch festival. There is a lot to choose from for the family.

The Southgate Mall Fireworks were a Family Tradition

Watching the Southgate Mall fireworks was a family tradition. My childhood home was located a couple blocks away from the mall and it was the perfect place to watch the event. We were spoiled by living so close. My home had a large yard that was great for viewing the the colors and hearing the booms. It was such a great location that my friends and I decided to build a skateboard ramp in the yard. Yes, one year we were able to watch the fireworks from the ramp.

4th of July Picnics

The family would get together for a 4th of July picnic and watch the fireworks. It was never anything fancy, just some hot dogs and burgers. One of the special treats my mom would "splurge" on for us, would be a box of "Dilly Bars" or "Star Bars" from Dairy Queen. We would have a few fireworks ourselves, nothing big, just some sparklers or "Ground Bloom Flowers". We didn't want to take away from the big show.

Even Strangers Were Invited to the Show

The location was so good and the yard so big, some years we would have people park in front of my mother's house and ask if they could watch the show with us. We would always say "yes". They were good times. I will miss city-wide fireworks show this year, just like I miss that big yard.

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