The "Griz/Cat" rivalry is legendary. This rivalry goes back generations and anyone who has lived in Montana for any amount of time knows how deep it goes. I consider myself a "Griz Fan". But above that, I am a Montana fan.

Montana Is My Home

Montana is my home. I have lived here almost my entire life, almost, I moved away for just shy of a year. It was the longest "almost year" for me ever. At this point, if I moved out of state, I would still consider Montana my home. For me, when something from Montana is in the national spotlight and we get to highlight the good from our state, I am all in.

Montana Football

When Big Sky Football Conference regular season is under way, it is either "Griz Football" or "Cats Football". I think a bit differently. When the regular season is over and the FCS Playoffs begin, I shift my thinking to "Montana Football". I root for the state of Montana and the players from Montana. I know that not a lot of people west of the divide won't ever agree with me on this. I don't expect to see Bobcat Football flags flying around Missoula anytime soon, but there are a lot of great Montana players on both the Griz and the Cats and they should be cheered on by everyone.

Playoffs Continue

When the playoffs roll around and if both of our Montana teams make it, I root for both teams. My hope is that they meet again in the playoffs on a national stage and show the country what "Montana Football" is all about. This year that won't happen, the Bobcats have moved on and the Griz are done. As the Bobcats face off against William and Mary in the next round, maybe, just maybe, we can get some Montanans in the west to root for our local players on the national stage. You don't have to tell anyone. It can be our little secret, and we will make sure no one revokes your "Griz Card".

Missoula Reaction to ESPN GameDay in Bozeman

We asked Missoula on our Facebook page what they thought about ESPN GameDay going to Bozeman. Here's what they had to say:

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