I feel like we've all been watching and waiting for this particular business to open, and I think a lot of Missoulians will be pretty excited. 

This new gastro pub in Missoula on 2275 N Reserve St will have 37 taps with beer and wine and is located on the northwest side of town. 

Tap Club Is Now Open  

The Tap Club website has an enticing graphic of flowing beer playing behind some text that says “Cheers! Now Open!” And check out their announcement on Instagram: 

The “craft beer, kitchen, and gaming” establishment will be open seven days a week with hours from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m.-11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.  

The food features satisfying pub fare like pulled pork nachos, burgers, tacos, and “cold smoke mac ‘n’ cheese.” Price points are all under $30, according to their online menu.  

The drink menu at Tap Club features beers and cider from across Missoula and Montana. 


  • Bayern Brewing Inc. 
  • Big Sky Brewing Co. 
  • Draught Works 
  • Highlander Beer 
  • Kettlehouse Brewery 
  • Tamarack Brewery 
  • Western Cider Co.  


  • Madison River – Belgrade  
  • Last Chance Cider Mill—Billings  
  • Mountains Walking – Bozeman 
  • Bitter Root Brewing – Hamilton  
  • Higher Ground Brewing Co.--Hamilton  
  • Blackfoot River – Helena 
  • Lewis and Clark--Helena 
  • Katabatic Brewery – Livingston  
  • Neptune’s Brewery—Livingston 
  • Phillipsburg Brewing Company—Philipsburg 
  • Red Lodge Ales—Red Lodge 

The Tap Club is Hiring

If you are looking for a job or extra work they have a convenient application on their website and mention both full-time or part-time opportunities.  

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