Spring in Montana is glorious and should be enjoyed by all. As the weather quickly changes to a warmer climate more people will be outside on foot and on bikes. This is an opportunity for you to help some families get their chance to enjoy their new home on a bike.

Soft Landing Missoula Is Looking For Bike Donations

Soft Landing of Missoula is looking for some bicycle donations for newly arrived refugee families. If your kids have outgrown their bikes, if you have a bicycle taking up space in your garage this is a chance for you to help. If you don't have a bicycle, they are also in need of bike locks, helmets or a monetary donation to help cover costs of bikes.

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Soft Landing Missoula's Mission

Soft Landing Missoula, according to their website, is a community-based nonprofit committed to working with refugee and immigrant families as they build new lives in Missoula. We invest in the long welcome, celebrate milestones and culture, and create opportunities to share experiences as a way to build a community where we all can thrive.

Chris and Ashley Donate to Soft Landing Missoula

The Chris and Ashley Show were honored to help out Soft Landing at the end of March with the donation of a couple basketballs. Now that the weather is getting better, there will be more need for other outdoor sports equipment.

Credit: Chris Wolfe
Credit: Chris Wolfe

Please Help Out Soft Landing Missoula

Please help out if you can. If you want to get out and enjoy some bike riding in Western Montana yourself, opening soon for the season will be the Legacy Bike Park up by Lakeside, Montana.

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