At a time when vinyl is having a revival, it's an especially good time to live in Missoula, Montana.

With three independent record stores, there's nearly no reason to buy vinyl online. That is unless you're determined to find new releases. And even in that case, you're going to want to visit Missoula record stores this month where you'll have the opportunity to buy tons of vinyl, whether it's new or special releases.

Record Store Day is April 22, 2023

Since 2007, record store day has been an opportunity to celebrate independent record stores. Now, it has transcended to a celebration of music culture. Ear Candy Music, Rocking Rudy's Record Heaven, and Slant Street Records all offer a different "groove" of music culture (pardon the pun), but each is dedicated to Missoula and Missoula's love of music.

This year, you'll find each store is approaching Record Store Day slightly differently. Here's what's in store for Record Store Day in Missoula.

Ear Candy Music

John at Ear Candy Music shared that the store will be opening earlier than usual--at 9:00 am. "We're going to bust out the barbeque on the sidewalk," he added and mentioned that there may be some live performances as well. We'll update this article as we learn more.

John also said that they'll have many of the Record Store Day releases. As for what people are asking for? To start, Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift Folklore
Credit: Republic Records

The album "folklore: the long pond studio sessions" was the first time she and her collaborators played together, and this is the first time the album will be available on vinyl.

Another one that audiophiles are interested in is Mac Miller's jazz persona Larry Lovestein and the Velvet Revival. The release of "You" is also its first-ever physical release.

Credit: Rostrum Records

Slant Street Records

Viv Steinberg, daughter of co-owner Mike Steinberg shared that while they won't be carrying many of the Record Store Day titles, they will have a few that are "special" to them.

"We prefer to put out records that we’ve been saving that are special. We collect a bin of those and put those out on record store day," Steinberg said. Among those "special" records will be vintage David Bowie and Pink Floyd. Steinberg also said there will be some rare Nirvana and Soundgarden albums. So you'll want to visit Slant Street if you're looking for unique, curated finds.

Slant Street Records Missoula Montana
Credit: Slant Street Records

Rocking Rudy's Record Heaven

If you want a lot to choose from, you'll want to make sure to stop by Record Heaven.

"We ordered a ton of vinyl, probably more than we’ve ever ordered," Scott Storer told me. 

He also really wanted to encourage people to, "Come hang out, buy music, listen to music, and celebrate records in general." You may also want to swing by Rocking Rudy's to catch their store-wide sale which will wrap up on April 23. 

Happy listening, Missoula.

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