Missoula may be getting a public sauna soon, and Missoulians have the chance to try out a sauna on wheels right now.

Introducing Montana Sauna Co.

Luke Raddue and Nick Johnson are two sauna enthusiasts who have a vision of creating a sense of community and wellness around the practice of using saunas and cold plunges.

"It's a new way to interact with friends and strangers that's not based around alcohol. It's based around health and community. It puts everyone on the same level. You're in your swimsuit and you're just sweating and suffering. If you do that with people you know or don't know, you get to know them on another level," Raddue said.

Raddue and Johnson have started the Montana Sauna Co., a sauna business, and their plans and ideas are expansive.

Their plan has two phases:

  1. Community Sauna on Wheels
  2. Missoula Community Sauna

Phase of 1 of Montana Sauna Co.

Phase 1 of the of the launch was accomplished early. According to a post on Instagram, Montana Sauna Co. says that the Nomad Sauna Company helped them get a sauna on wheels two months ahead of schedule.

That means they're already scheduling pop-up events where the public can sign up to try the mobile sauna and cold plunge.

Pop-Up Events Around Missoula

Some people have already tried the mobile sauna. In the video below, you'll see the mobile sauna can be pulled behind a pickup and set up in an open space.

"We actually bring cold plunges and put them right next to the sauna. We fill them up with river water wherever we are," Raddue said. 

Having a controlled environment can also be safer, Raddue says. Stepping into a river in the winter can be risky and this way, plungers get the experience of river water without having to be in the river.

"It's a real sauna, 220 degrees, very different from saunas you might find at a gym or Home Depot. This is a traditional Finnish sauna," Raddue said.

8 people can sign up per session, and sign-ups are available on the Montana Sauna Co. website. After you book, you'll receive a confirmation via email that will also share the location of where your session will be.

Upcoming Plunges in Missoula

  • Pop-up, February 2 (sign-ups still available)
  • Pop-up at Western Cider, February 10 (open to the public)

The idea is to take the mobile sauna anywhere and meet any need. "If any business wants us there, we can make it happen," Raddue said.

Phase 2 of Montana Sauna Co.

Earlier this month the Montana Sauna Co. posted a peek at what a permanent home for Montana Sauna Co. could look like. You can see how the areas are laid out in sequence in the photos below.

"We haven't secured a spot yet, but that's what it could look like. We're still figuring out the logistics of a downtown location," Raddue said.

They say they're open to help from the community in finding the ideal location, which could be outdoors, and that they want the space to be what Missoula needs it to be.

"We don't want to create another boutique. We're just trying to give to everyone. We don't want to price people out."

Ideas for the Future of Montana Sauna Co.

Raddue and Johnson are both product designers so their long-term plans also include building saunas and selling them to people who want a sauna in a private setting.

They're also exploring the possibility of working with Garden City Harvest to install community saunas in Missoula's community gardens.

"It’s part of the five-year plan. We’re only two guys but they’re big ideas that we have. We're open to everything and anything," Raddue said.

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