If you don't know who Brendan Leonard is, you're missing out.

Brendan Leonard is full of personality. To start, he's a University of Montana alum with 11 books published on anything from hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park to anecdotes about pooping in the woods, to a memoir about addiction and recovery. His wry wit is evident even in the titles of his books. A sampling:

  • "I Hate Running and You Can Too: How to Get Started, Keep Going, and Make Sense of an Irrational Passion"
  • "Chart Imitates Life"
  • "Bears Don't Care About Your Problems: More Funny S*#% in the Woods from Semi-Rad.com"

If writing 11 books wasn't enough street cred, he's also a filmmaker (with tons of accolades, too many to list), a public speaker who has given talks at multiple universities, and REI Corporate Headquarters, a frequent podcast guest (have you ever heard his episode on The Dirt Bag Diaries called "The Mobil"?), and of course, he created the website semi-rad.com, an online place for "those of us who aren't elite climbers, skiers, ultrarunners, and alpinists--the folks who love to get out there but maybe don't take it too seriously."

If you have been following Leonard then you know that another one of his many talents is what he calls his "charts/drawing" work. That's where his latest collaboration comes in.

Leonard announced recently that he partnered with Missoula Coffee Shop, Black Coffee Roasting Company, to create the limited edition coffee, Dark Humor Roast.

I love that Leonard used his consummate drawing skills to design the bag and frankly, the name is spot on, too.

If you'd like to pick up a bag of the limited edition coffee you can purchase some at this link. 

Of course, there's tons of semi-rad merch available at Leonard's website too. (Note: some products include some NSFW language.)

Lastly, I want to thank Brendan Leonard for also being a trail advocate in the Missoula area. He's helping all of us live our best, semi-rad lives.

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