The power of a compelling headline has made a property in Missoula get a lot of attention online.

A real estate story published at carried the headline, "0 Bedroom Home in Missoula - $1,000,000."

Many Missoulians are still having a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea of how many homes in our area carry price tags this high, but seeing a listing for a million dollars with 0 bedrooms? That certainly raised some eyebrows.

The headline caught the attention of local celebrity Hank Green when he posted this comment about the article to Threads:

Thread with message about headline in Missoula newspaper.
Credit: Hank Green via Threads

With an audience the size of Green's, the comments rolled in.

One person suggested it's "just one of those fake houses that cities build to hide utility stations or whatever." Others made jokes like pointing out that it's "open concept", "all slip n slide hallways" or that it's "a studio apartment with really high ceilings."

But does the property really not have any bedrooms? Not necessarily.

The $1M House on Stoddard Street in Missoula

While the listing from Tina Barker with Berkshire Hathaway Montana Properties does indicate that it has 0 bedrooms and bathrooms in the property attributes, the listing description paints a better picture of the property.

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The property is actually two buildings and the "front house" has "3 recently remodeled units. Two 2BR/1B and one 1BR/1B." The "back building...features two remodeled 2BR/1B units each with their own storage shed."

If you look at the pictures, you can see there are rooms that look like they could be bedrooms.

Empty Bedroom
Tina Barker, Berkshire Hathaway Montana Properties via

It's possible that because of the way the property is listed or maybe something that has to do with zoning, the metadata that includes the property attributes wasn't filled out, or had to be set to 0. The agent may be able to explain why it says "0 bedrooms" but if you do want to see other photos of the property, take a look below.

The $1M Missoula Home with "0 Bedrooms"

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