Orange Street Food Farm needs your help, Missoula. It seems to be missing some shopping carts and they need them back. With the Thanksgiving shopping rush getting ready to happen, they are going to need all of their carts. This is where you come in Missoula: keep your eyes peeled for the bright orange carts. If you can help them get some back you will get a chance at a reward.

Shopping carts are expensive. I spoke with Vanessa Hendrix, the manager of Orange Street Food Farm, about the missing carts. She said, "They cost $253 each. $250 for the cart and $3 for them to be painted orange." That may not seem like a lot of money if it is one or two, but they are missing about 15 smaller carts and about 10 of the large carts. That is thousands of dollars in missing carts.

Orange Street Food Farm Carts/Credit: Chris Wolfe
Orange Street Food Farm Carts/Credit: Chris Wolfe

Orange Street Food Farm is locally owned--they are not a big chain store that can take that kind of hit, especially this time of year. So, if you happen to see a few of their carts around town you can either message them via their Facebook page or you can call the store (406) 543-3188. If they can get the carts back you will be entered into a drawing for a chance a $100 gift certificate at the store.

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They have been looking in the usual places, but haven't been able to locate them. With your help, we can make sure they get them back. Vanessa said, "I won't hold any grudges, just bring them back." That is the Missoula way, so let's help Orange Street Food Farm get a "Holiday Miracle" and get their carts back. We can all do this together!

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