Missoula in Motion's annual Commuter Challenge will get underway this Sunday and run from May 7 to May 20. This event is beloved in Missoula and it's not too late to participate.

Missoula in Motion and the 2023 Commuter Challenge

Since 1997, Missoula in Motion has been focused on sustainable transportation in Missoula and making things easy and affordable for individuals and businesses to commute responsibly. We spoke with Katherine Auge, Transporation Demand Management Specialist with Missoula in Motion, to learn more about this year's challenge.

It’s all about doing what you can when you can. When one person is able to leave their vehicle at home it’s one less vehicle on the road. One less car taking up a parking spot. It really benefits us all," Auge said. 

Each year has a theme and this year, the theme is "Find Your Why." Some of the obvious benefits include physical fitness and less impact on the environment or even reduced traffic congestion, but sustainable transportation can have other benefits, too.

Kari Barnaby, who works for Bedrock Sandals, said, "Biking to work is the best way to find little moments of joy and levity in your day." Danny Gundlach with ASUM Transporation said, "Taking the bus is a way for me to relax and mentally prepare for my day."

Knowing other people's "why" can encourage participation. "It reinforces behavior by seeing other people (sustainably commuting) for reasons that might be different than yours," Auge said.

How to Participate in the 2023 Challenge

There are currently 68 teams registered but registration is still open throughout this week. The idea is to sign up as a team and then walk, bike, bus, carpool, vanpool, or telecommute to work. There are more creative ways to participate, too.

Credit: MMW Architects
Credit: MMW Architects

"One year we had an engineer who used to kayak to work because his workplace was right on the river," Auge said.

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Teams can then track their commutes on the Way to Go! website or App. From May 7 to May 20 commuters will complete as many commutes as they can via one of the methods listed above. For those who like to get a little competitive, there are prizes, too.

Missoula in Motion
Credit: Missoula in Motion

Team Prizes

  • Best Team Photo
  • Best Social Media Presence
  • Most Into It Team

Individual Prizes

  • Daily $50 Raffles
  • 10 Day Medalist
  • Share Your Why

If you and a team would like to participate in this year's challenge visit Missoula in Motion's website.

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